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Go Green, Go Solar... Because there is no planet B
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Experience our unique, efficient and fun approach to going solar. Our free Solar Quote will get you started without the hassle of multiple home visits. 

Simply input your information into our Request a Quote Form on the right. A Solar Home Expert will contact you to ask a few basic questions regarding your energy use, we will review your electrical usage and specifications, then create the optimal home solar system for you using remote solar design technology. Your Solar Quote will be ready for you to review within 48 hours!
At Izun, what sets us apart is our seamless service process. Going solar can be one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions you make for your home and family. We make sure that the entire process - from your free Solar Quote to your solar installation and ongoing monitoring and maintenance - is simple and hassle free. No sales reps in your home, a firm solar Quote within 24 hours, and a seasoned installation team all mean that you can go solar today and start saving tomorrow!

  • Get Your Quote
  • Review Your Proposed System and Electricity Savings
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  • Enjoy a Smooth Solar Installation
  • Breathe Easy, Your New Smart Solar Home is Making a Difference

Within 48 hours of entering your home address and utility usage, you will receive an email from your Sunlighten Solar Consultant with access to your firm Solar Quote. Your Sunlighten Solar Quote will contain details regarding your optimal system size, your solar energy savings and your financing options. Your Sunlighten Solar Consultant will be available every step of the way to ensure your questions are answered and that you are aware of all the benefits of going solar.
You have several options for financing your Sunlighten Solar home system. You can buy your system outright and rest easy knowing that you'll reap the benefits of solar energy for many years to come and knowing that you've made a valuable investment in your home. 

Or, you can choose a Solar Loan or Lease with our customizable Solar Credit Program. Lease or Loan your solar with either a zero-down option with low monthly payments, or with a flexible down payment for even lower monthly payments. If you'd like to make a down payment on your Solar Lease or Loan, you can choose the amount that is best for you and see significantly lower monthly payments as a direct result. For every dollar you put down, you will save exponentially on your monthly payments!
Meet Your Project Manager
When you are ready to move forward with your solar installation, your personal Project Manager will help you with all the necessary paperwork -- permits, inspections, utility connection, etc. Your Project Manager will be there to answer any and all questions for you during the entire process. Leave all the details to us!
Enjoy a Smooth Solar Installation 
We thoroughly review and inspect the unique design and installation process that will be specific to your home and schedule. Every system goes through an internal design review process in which a Sunlighten Solar Technical Account Representative ensures that the design meets our standards. In addition, we inspect 100% of the installations completed by our installers to ensure that every installed system will perform as guaranteed. 

Your Project Manager will also work with you to make sure that, during your solar installation, your daily routine is minimally interrupted. We will arrange for your system to be installed during the easiest and most convenient time for you. 

By choosing Sunlighten Solar you can be confident in knowing that your solar system will be installed by talented and experienced Installers who use only the best techniques and the very best hardware in the industry.
Breathe Easy, Your New Smart Solar Home is Making a Difference
You're on your way and ready to start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is producing and using clean solar energy – saving you money every month and benefiting the environment at the same time. 

With a Sunlighten Solar Lease or Purchase, you’ll also feel secure in knowing that your home solar system includes free monitoring, free maintenance, free insurance and a solar production performance guarantee. We are here to ensure that your home solar system will continue to be a benefit, without hassle or headache. 

Then, once your system is up and running, Sunlighten Solar will still be there for you to answer questions and to ensure that your system is working at its optimal potential.
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